Oil Field Bearing Production PPM Standard



Hi guys, my company manufactures oilfield bearing products. Today, as I was doing some NCR trackings and was calculating the PPM of our products, I then realized I have no idea what is consider "good" as PPM standard for our products.

our average is at around 10000PPM
Out of 51000 products were made, 531 were rejected.

Is this considered as good? Or bad?

What is the ideal average?



Captain Nice
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A PPM of 10000 is pretty high. What is the cost of the defectives, and also what are the escape paths? That is, is the probability that a "bad" part could get out to a customer high? Considering it's oil field related it is probably a risk factor that you should evaluate. What are the bearings used in? Pumps and such?

I'm not an oil field person, but in automotive a PPM of 100 is typically very high. See this for some thoughts: http://Elsmar.com/Forums/showthread.php?t=7111 Note that automotive is typically "high volume" and 51000 isn't typically considered "high volume".

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