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Old Registered Visitors "Pruned" from the Database - 20180916


Captain Nice
Staff member
During a Test Import there was an issue with a comma in some forum user names. vBulletin could do commas in user names. Unfortunately Xenforo doesn't handle commas in user names. One of the notables is "TWA, not the airline" whose user name had to be changed to "TWA - Not the airline".

As I went through user names, I was surprised at the variety. I was also eyeing the forum statistics. Over 300,000 people registered in the forum over the years. When looking at "Active" visitors, I see: "Active Forum Members: 6,439" so over 6,000 people who are registered stop by regularly these days. E.g.:

To more accurately represent current statistics, in particular registered visitors who have participated, I went through the registered visitors list and "Pruned" (deleted) visitors who had never posted in the forum and who have not visited in the last 4 years.

Bear in mind that the "stats" that show are from a vBulletin "mod". I noticed that the number of "Active Members" went down around 100. I attribute this to an old "mod" which I removed, and I used an Administrator function to double check that user records in the database were up-to-date.

Just posting to let anyone who noticed the change in the numbers know why they changed.
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