Older Interpretations


Raul Suarez

Are the Second Edition Interpretations still available online, and are they still valid?


All of the IASG Sanctioned interpretations pertainng to the 2nd ed have been incorporated into the body of the standard of the 3rd edition, or can be found in Appendix I of the 3rd edition. There are interpretations for the 3rd edition, and I just saw in another string where more will be coming out in 1/00. I believe the current 3rd edition interpretations can be found in the AIAG web site, but I'm not sure. Someone out there, please correct me if I'm wrong.


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I haven't heard about interpretations in Jan 2000 but the rest is correct as far as I know. I do not at all doubt that there will be more interpretations, but so far I'm impressed. I will say, there are a *lot* fewer than in the past. The couple so far have been reasonable.

But - don't tell anyone I'm saying this. I don't want to lose my reputation as a hard ass.
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