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On-Site Contracted Services - Development and availability of key MRO items

Our company (a tier 1 supplier to the B3) has just contracted services with an outside supplier of MRO items. This service will not provide any type of production material, but are housed in our facility. Where do they fit into the requirements of QS as far as development and availability of key MRO items?

Spaceman Spiff

My experience is in your tier 2 document(s) should specify that only suppliers of materials that go into finshed products will be subjected to supplier development activities.

Jim Biz

A quick 2 cents worth - our registrar (9002) extended the definition of "product materials" suppliers to include the supplier of the plastic bags we use to line our delivery boxes as candidates for control and evaluation. IMHO they have little if anything to do with the quality of the intended product itself but I would agree in this sense - the "product upon delivery" can include packaging materials as well as the "intended product" that it contains.
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