On-Time Delivery (Late vs. Delays)


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We run a lot of our own transport so our OTD for our transported work is when it reaches the customers door. When its the customers arranging their own transport we class it as when they are informed its ready for collection, as we have no influence on outside couriers or drivers, our scheduling treats the two requirements differently as our transports are set routes on set days therefore OTD is set on our system based on this. For example we tral to derby and nottingham every tuesday for collection and drop off. Single processes are five day turnaround, duel are ten day so the orders are scheduled based on this and transport date is arranged. With courier work we look to complete it sooner so it can be depatched with the ciustomer having time to arrange their own transportation or if required use ours. Its worked well so far the only lates we have as a rule are if the items are pro forma so they wont be despatched until payment which can take them over the scheduled day. We did have a huge increase in late jobs as we have one job which has a month turnaround however the OTD date and the promised date had been inputted incorrectly right date wrong month due to a finger slip and i had 151 jobs one month late as they were due the day we had them.
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