One Inch Micrometer Calibration Method



We have an old guy doing calibrations and he gets a standard and measures it several times. Sometimes for some other things he takes 10 or more measurements until gets the numbers he is looking for. I am wondering if there is a standard method for calibration of hand mics. Calipers and so on.
Any ideas all?


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I have attached a set of Work Instructions that were in use were I work. We do not reference these work instructions anymore so I have not reviewed them for a couple of years but they were in use for awhile.

I hope this helps.


  • 7.6 1 Outside Mic.- Calibration Procedure Rev 1.pdf
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...until gets the numbers he is looking for...
I'm going to suggest that the veracity of your calibration process is suspect at the very least, and possibly even the results of measurements made with these instruments. Your "old guy doing calibration" clearly has no objectivity in this matter. Sounds to me like you need to review the details of that process.
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