One third of the total audit days on manufacturing (TS 16949)


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In the clause 5.3c) in the Rules 4th, it says: The min. audit time in manufacturing process shall be a min. of one third of the total audit days.

Situation: a site with 5.5 md, but it has two RLs which are allocated as 1md (0.5md for each RL), so the total audit days on the site will be 4.5md. Which one is the correct calculation ?
5.5md/3 = 1.83md = 14H40min
4.5md/3 = 1.50md = 12H


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Jen Kirley

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Good day Jelly,

Are these remote locations to be covered in the same audit? If so, my understanding is they will be included in the total audit time.

Thus, 5.5md/3 = 1.83md = 14H40min


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Yes these RLs are covered in the same audit.
If your answer is correct, or it is the intent of IATF, then it would be inconvenience to allocate the audit time to other processes.
I was heard a lot of complains about this requriement.
For example, what shall I audit, if the client does only one job, stamping, with such long time 14H40min ?
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