One World - One Quality System LOGO


Richard L. Holland

Hi, I'm in the UK, just been QS-9000 registered and wondering if I can put the One World - One Quality System LOGO on our stationery?

Laura M

I believe AIAG has a company that sells logo'd merchandise. Banners, key fobs, etc. Not sure what that means about copyrighting!


1) Yes, you can use the logo if you can prove certification
2) Stationery, business cards etc are fine. No logos on products themselves.

Call Brittany at AIAG Merchandising 1-888-746-3003. She will fax you an AIAG contract. You fill it out and return it with a copy of your certificate. She will then send you a floppy with the logo or will email it to you.



Sorry. Just noticed you're in the UK. Change that number to 1-248-358-3003. The 888 probably won't work for you, it's toll free within the States.
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