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Online Internal Auditing Course for ISO 13485 - Suggestions

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Starting to get Involved
Depends what trying to achieve and your learning style. If you are very experienced and just need a certificate for training record - go for an online course.
If you are a beginner, I would suggest to do it in class. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get an additional explanation and case studies.

John Broomfield

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Super Moderator
Listening intently to your computer, showing genuine interest in the work you are auditing while making notes.

Looking at your auditee directly cannot be replicated by your computer’s camera, yet.

Not to mention the sounds and smells of anything else that may influence your search for evidence of effectiveness.

And not to mention the pressure on your decision to agree evidence of nonconformity face to face with your computer.

I’ve not experienced any virtual system that does this, yet.

Ronen E

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ComplyGuru has a 1.5 hour Free ISO 13485:2016 course for those who have background, experience and competency but want a refresher, it includes quiz and certificate of completion.
Thanks. Are you associated with ComplyGuru (in a business sense)?
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