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"Enriquez, Rodolfo" wrote:

--> Hi Marc, I'm sure you can help me, my name is Rodolfo Enriquez,
--> Quality Engineer in AMP Amermex ( Mexico) and we are trying to
--> implement operator instructions in our lines, the requirements in
--> QS-9000 manual are so specific...

Please cite the specific QS paragraph you are interpreting

--> ...but I'm wondering if you know if some of them can be skipped, I'm
--> asking you this because I' ve seen operator instructions in QS-9000
--> certified companies without some of the requirements such tool
--> change intervals and set up instructions, reaction plan, etc.

What do you mean by 'skipped'? In many cases ->Yes - by substituting training. But you have to weigh things like complexity of assembly/operation and such. You may have operator set-up and you may have a specific group or person who only does set-ups - you have to think about over all issues like these in the scheme of your systems. Can you cite an instance where training can effectively replace documentation?

Also see: http://Elsmar.com/level2/accolades.html#document

This was from an ISO audit but there are a number of basic principles at work in both.

--> Also, would you please tell me where can I find in the net some
--> examples of operator instructions formats used for QS-9000 certified
--> companies that you know they are OK with the requirements, this will
--> help us a lot to find the correct way to do what we need, we will
--> really appreciate your help.

Templates from others might prove more harmful and expensive in the long run than helpful. You have to look at YOUR company and do what YOUR business and processes require.

--> Thanks in advance. Sincerely Rodolfo Enriquez.

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Everything is weighed.....more training/less paper....But the value needs to be considered. Maybe the paper is in the training document. Sometimes we spend all together too much time trying to find a way around doing something, when the value is going through the steps to get it done. I find charting a process tells a tale of its own, and always adds value somewhere..... digital pictures and clips can be inserted..hyperlinks to more detailed drawings.....training status and so on.....jump in and try one, and see what it does for you and everyone involved. I can almost guarantee a 'light' will go on somewhere.

B. Maynard

Here is a example I also use Instructios for my Inspectors along with the Control plan.

Only copies (Black) of this document are to be placed in process, Red is the controlled Master
Molding Operator Work Instructions Customer: Tervis Tumbler P/N: 16oz Outer Liner
Procedure: QSWI-09.02M.029 Issued: 6/15/1999 Revision:
Project Manager: Q.A. Manager: Molding Mgr:

1.0 Purpose

To provide standard instructions that will be used during the injection molding process.

2.0 Scope

Molding Operator in-house work instructions for the Tervis Tumbler Outer Liner.

3.0 Procedure

3.1 Short shots, grease, flash, and contamination are not allowed, this is a cosmetic part.

3.2 Visually inspect the part for bubbles, black specs, color tint deviation from sample part, shooting stars or scratches, milky type swirls or blush on bottom, "vee's" or flow lines.

3.3 White inspection gloves must be worn when handling the parts.

3.4 Parts must run semi-automatic and pulled from the mold each shot.

3.5 Notify supervisor if a problem occurs.

4.0 Packaging

4.1 Place 3 layers of 24 to a customer supplied box using customer supplied cardboard layers and dividers for a total of 72 pcs to a box.

Form: QSWI-09.02 01/01/98 Rev.’0’
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