Opinions from Successful Registrations???


Tom W

I am looking for opinions from people that have been through TS2 registration and what the experience was like. I would love to avoid this thread spinning off to no-where-ville, so please give your opinions to the TS2 registration process and what you feel was the big differences from a QS registration. Thanks.


Overall there was no difference betwween TS2 and QS.
The audit process is completed. there is a closing meeting. the NCR's are reviewed, instructions are to have NCR's answered wthin thirty days, when approved the certificate is mailed.

The auditing process was different. The documntation required by the certification scheme was submitted to the registrar for review at there facility. There was no document review on site. There were no checklists used on site. The primary document for the audit was a spreadsheet with the process definition of each COP. In addition, the auditor selected one customer, in our case GM, to audit compliance to contract requirements, customer specific requirement and the customer specific requirements listed in the PPAP manual. The entire process for a GM order was audited.
The surveillance audit will be similar but it will be with a different customer.

Randy Stewart

Ours was very similar to Sams. IMO it was much "cleaner" than a QS audit due to the process map approach.

Geoff Cotton

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There was a lot more focus on the Management Team activity and on our Key Measures

Changing to Process Maps helped.

Other than that it was much the same "an audit".


Reg. Audit

Our Registration Audit was HORRID!! It was a witness audit, our auditors where being audited by a rep from AIOB. The 3 of them were with us for two days and wrote up everything they saw where as normally they would, if a very minor minor was observed, take a bigger sampling, etc. Usually an audit is an audit is an audit. It was not the case this time.

When they came back for the corrective action assessment, things went alot smoother and we passed our registration audit July 24.
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