Opportunities only derived from Risks? Detecting Risk & Opportunities in ISO 9001



Hi all

In detecting risk and opportunities in ISO 9001 2015.

I stumbled upon the next:

If I detect a risk in a process, should the opportunity be looked always coming from the risk?, or may come apart?

If I detect a risk, e.g. lacking of key personnel in some area.
well I have detected,analyzed, treated the risk, and the opportunity?

I may think as opportunity (if I consider it is ok) to give training to other persons.

But could I consider to look for an opportunity of another issue in the same process? e.g. to improve the maintenance of machines?
what is your opinion?


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Re: Opportunities only derived from risks?


In your example, you identify and correcting the problem. So this is correction.
But, when you apply this thinking in the new (different area) it is prevention for that area.

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