Options for failing a VDA POTENTIAL audit

My organization has recently received a C rating on a POT audit for new business and VW is claiming this is blocking our nomination. Has anyone encountered a way around this temporarily? So that we can receive the nomination and then work to get VDA compliant?

Maybe a Waiver process?


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I presume you mean potential audit with "POT audit".
If you have a C rating you will not be put in their system.
It means you will be blocked for any further business until you have improved to a higher level.
I have never heard of any "escape way" for this.

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Getting a ‘C’ rating is generally, due to an overall audit-performance of below 80%. However, there are some conditions called knock – out or downgrading rules, which bring your rating to ‘C’ even if your overall performance happens to be above 80% i.e. otherwise qualifying for a ‘B’ grade.
Therefore, you need to know whether your rating of ‘C’ is due to audit observations belonging to Downgrading rules, or whether the overall score happens to be below 80%. In either case, there is no short cut to hard and sincere work directed towards clearing the non-conformities and gaining ‘A’ grade. Remember, even the ‘B’ grade gets you a conditional acceptance and only ‘A’ grade means full acceptance from the German OEM.

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