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Since we started implementation of Geometrica's QMS on a wiki I have wondered when someone would develop a commercial product with this idea. Well, today I ran across Oquma, a basic, generic QMS on a wiki by Prieco, a Buenos Aires based company.

They have posted a slideshare presentation that describes the benefits they saw of pursuing this as a business opportunity. The presentation is in Spanish, so I'll list here a few of their points:

  1. ~5000 exporting SMBs in Argentina, only 15% registered [not clear if this means to ISO 9001].
  2. Most Argentine companies have internet and employees have pcs.
  3. Few software or services address the needs for qm systems.
  4. traditional qms solutions use computers as typewriters
  5. Oquma will provide a "software as service" solution for QMS on wiki, allowing customers to develop and maintain their system on-line.
  6. The solution will provide many of the benefits of specialized software for little more than the cost of paper-based systems.

As a wiki and quality fan myself, I wish these guys best of luck in their new venture.

(Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Prieco, Oquma or anyone related to them).


Hi Pancho,

Thank you for your post! We greatly appreciate your comments. Today, we are working in a closed beta (tuning the service)...and we are receiving a lot of feedback without even launching!

Just a few notes to clear our provided service:

- About the service: Our main commercial service (at oquma.com) is oriented to provide a SaaS document management service for standard compliance management. You can upload your documents, manage versions and approval workflows, publish final PDF documents, agendas, plans, and reports oriented to support the standard.

- About the wiki: oquma.net is the main reference site for the OQUMA[/URL] methodology. Here, we coordinate the system methodology for small and medium companies. The wiki is open and free.

So, our customers are working with a Document Management System (DMS). We are offering a DIY QMS, based on .doc files, with DMS advanced features (like workflow support). We are evaluating to offer a Wiki software in a SaaS arquitecture, but it has its own challenges.

As a brief introduction, for your Quality Management System, you can have a supporting software based on:

A) Traditional / legacy software solution (with standard forms...like an ERP...to represent your documents)
B) Document based solution (e.g. to manage your .doc files)
C) Wiki based solution (like you Geometrica's QMS)

OQUMA is a SaaS DMS (option B). Because we can easily provide a bundled service, packaged for SMB, based on .doc files, with Workflows, Agendas, Plans and general document management.

Option A, a Traditional / legacy software solution is not well accepted for a Web SaaS QMS.

Option C, a Wiki has a strong "change of mind" requirement. You have to forget Microsoft Word...and, at company level, you have to adopt the idea of "The Wiki is Document and the Record". We think it may work in the future, or in a controlled enviroment.

Kind Regards

Andrea Gentil
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Hi Andrea,

Option C, a Wiki has a strong "change of mind" requirement. You have to forget Microsoft Word... ...We think it may work in the future, or in a controlled enviroment.
A twitter friend just reminded me of an old saying: "If Henry Ford had asked his target market what they wanted, they would have answered 'faster horses' ". Y'all would do well to offer the Model-T of the wiki world rather than them faster ponies. With your current wiki docs you are halfway there.

Either way, good luck!



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Thanks for your clarifications, Anibal.

how do you handle the task assignment
(related to the approval workflow) ? Are you manually sending mails to the responsible ?
Emails is used where appropriate, of course, but most task assignment is handled in more systematic ways:

User empowerment and document monitoring: Users are empowered and tasked with correcting documents where they detect errors or other NCs. Process owners subscribe to their documents using RSS. When a document is changed the process owner gets a notification and must review.

Handling of NCs: NCs must be corrected and contained asap by the person or team that spots them. NC reports are filled and used to open CARs when appropriate.

CAPA database. We use Bugzilla. CARs are entered and automatically assigned to the process owner, who then must analyze the problem, moderate a discussion, determine the root cause, and initiate corrective action to resolve the request. Afterwards, the CA is reviewed by management and closed (or reopened, if not effective).

In addition to the above we have "projects". For projects, tasks are kept in wiki to-do lists and schedules which are updated daily by the PMs and other involved personnel, and reviewed in weekly project meetings. There are two types of projects: regular (we are a custom engineering/manufacturing shop) and improvement (for system improvement).

The first one is simply a small variation on the wiki way. The others are as per ISO to control more complex action while using the wiki as a collaboration tool and document repository.