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Order Confirmations 7.4 - Tracking Purchase Order Confirmations from Suppliers


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Hi Covers,
I'm looking for some opinions to help me solve an issue I'm discussing currently is there an AS/ISO requirement in 7.4 that states that an organization should track receiving purchase order confirmations from their suppliers?

Thanks all,


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Rev C or D?

Either way I would say that the answer is no unless your organization has decided to make it a requirement.
AS9100C, section 7.4.2 Purchasing information has a requirement for the organization to ensure that the PO is adequate prior to being sent to the supplier. Section 7.4.3 has the requirement to ensure that the purchased product meets specified requirements.

AS9100D, section 8.4.3 has the same requirements as 7.4.2. And section 8.4.2 has the same requirements as 7.4.3

There is not a specific requirement to track receiving PO confirmations from suppliers in AS9100C or D. Be sure to review your internal requirements as it may be stated there.
While no specific requirement, it is probably a good practice so you determine if the supplier can meet your schedule, etc. Heck, even a good idea to make sure they received it.


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Yes, I agree a good practice but what I was trying to determine if it was specifically called out.
Thanks for your insight!
Best wishes,
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