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Organisation responsibilities in developing qs



i have a question here.

what are the responsibilities of the organisation in developing the quality system successfully?
i know that the successsful of the system implementation first come from the top management. do u have other points for me to include?
thanks for your attention.


Alan Cotterell

The following are my thoughts as to how your question should be answered:
I suggest it is most appropriate for the CEO to write the organisations Mission, Vision and Values Statement as the top document in the Management System. The Quality Manager should coordinate the activity of writing the Policy Statements (using ISO9001 for guidance) to form the next layer of documentation, using help from Middle Managers. The Procedure Manual can be written by the Quality Manager (or Technical Writer) in Draft Form in conjunction with production teams and middle managers. The appropriate middle manager (team leader) should sign off to approve any new procedure.
The Quality Manager (Management Representative) should be responsible for maintaining the Management System in conjunction with the Safety &, Environment and Security Managers if these functions exist separately. (only one procedure should exist for each operation, it should control quality, safety, environment, and security risks, it should reflect the most recent accepted way of performing a task, and be consistent with the policies in the Policy Manual).
The task of performing internal audits of the Management System should be shared across an Audit Team, and coordinated by the Quality Manager (Management Representative). It should not fall on the shoulders of the Technical Writer.

Best Regards, Al

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