Organisms postive to Wellcolex? Color Salmonella Test Kit


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what are the organisms other than salmonella that show positive result with salmonella wellcolox

Ajit Basrur

Re: Organisms postive to salmonella wellcolox

Wellcolex* Colour Salmonella correctly identified 267 of 268 fresh isolates and reference cultures of Salmonellae.

These included : ten isolates from each of the ten most common Salmonella serotypes, (S. typhimurium, S. enteritidis, S. virchow, S. stanley, S. hadar, S. agona, S. heidelberg, S.infantis, S. newport and S. braenderup), ten strains of S. typhi Vi+ and ten Vi-, ten different phagetypes each of S. paratyphi A and S. paratyphi B and seventy five additional strains from the groups C, D, E and G.

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