Organizational Interfaces


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--> ... - Organizational Interfaces
--> The supplier shall have systems in place to ensure management of
--> appropriate activities during concept development through production
--> (refer to Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan
--> reference manual). The supplier shall use a multi-disciplinary
--> approach for decision making and have the ability to communicate
--> necessary information and data in the customer-prescribed format.
--> NOTE: Typical functions to be included are: --
--> Engineering/Technical -- Manufacturing/Production -- Industrial
--> Engineering -- Purchasing/Materials Management --
--> Quality/Reliability -- Cost Estimating -- Product Service --
--> Management Information Systems/Data Processing -- Packaging
--> Engineering -- Tooling Engineering/Maintenance -- Marketing and
--> Sales -- Subcontractors, as necessary...

That could be an element of your overall system. Other elements include design review meetings and the like where 'multi-disciplinary'teams meet to plan, evaluate,make decisions, etc. Organizational interfaces are also often defined by the organizational chart and within procedures.

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Natália Botelho

QS9000 -

Can we answer to – Organisational Interfaces saying that we have a Quality Committee, which is responsible for co-ordination of all quality aspects, and this Committee meet almost every 2 weeks to maintain the System, and we have a APQP procedure, or we have to make a scheme like:

LOGISTICS <------------------------ QUALITY
<=_ _=>
=> <=
_=> =>_
<= =>
ENGENEERING <-------------------- PRODUCTION

Elberth Ardila Tabera

We use diferent internal multidisciplinary team to development products or activities, like you we have a committe, which is responsible for co-ordination of all quality aspects (politics, objetives etc) and other organitional estructure to complite other funtions, the most important thing is the relation between all activities into the quality system.



I think the purpose of is to assure that all activities that "must be" involved in all steps of quality planning for a product or service, will really be working as a team to plan, design, produce,check and deliver something that will make "happy" a customer.The quality comitee is a good alternative if they really represent all the departments involved in a process. A Quality Comitee that meets every week or month just to drink cofee(I hope is not your case) and fill minutes with waste conclusions is a shame.Lets remember that Quality Assurance is no longer the name of a Deparment, but a living verb to practice for all the people needed to make quality, no matter to which Department represent.

I hope this will be helpfull for you Naty

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