Orthopaedic Registries - Bone fracture implants (e.g. screws. plates,etc)



Hello all :bigwave:,

I am part of the post market surveillance team for a medical device company in Switzerland as well as new in this area. We want to implement a more active PMS and thus, I wanted to ask if any of you has had experience with orthopaedic registries. As industry can we have access to such registries? it seems to me that many only give access to doctors, patients, specific research and hospitals. Although maybe some have some datasets available for purchase.

Also most orthopaedic registries are for total and knee hip replacements. I would be interested in bone fracture implants (e.g. screws. plates,etc) so do such registries have that type of info (e.g. product name, description, company)? Or do you know any other bone fracture/trauma registries that we can have access to?

Hope you guys can share your experience

Thanks a lot in advance!:)
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