OSHA Regulations as Applicable ISO Requirements

I was reviewing some archived audits from one of our primes in anticipation of a visit in a few months and ran across this Nonconformance/Corrective Action -

I have always been under the opinion that the scope of an ISO 9001 audit did not infringe on the EHS issues too much, but on looking it up I ran across this article, which seems to argue that it includes all of the OSHA scope because it is a "applicable standard and regulation".

Well, I have yet to see an ISO audit check our delivery trucks for valid registrations or our drivers for valid licenses, wouldn't that be an "applicable regulation"? If the scope creeps this far, how far does it go?

This NC was written against ISO 9001:2000, but no clause was cited (customer audits are usually this non-specific), so to prepare, just how far do I need to look here, or is this all way off base?

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The article's author is wrong, pure and simple. But don't take my word for it. Look at the advice from the people who wrote ISO 9001:2015 themselves and read the paper linked below, after you read 0.4 of 9001:2015, which CLEARLY stipulates that 9001 has no requirements for safety management systems.
Legal requirements in the context of 9001 applies to the products and services. If OSHA requirements are allowed in, why not Sarbanes-Oxley? Why not EPA? Why not American with Disabilities Act? Why not FISMA? Why not the US Constitution? :mad:

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Also incorrect Standard cited, ISO 9001:2000 basically hasn't been valid since 2008 with some exceptions that ran until 2010 or so if I remember right
Good, I thought I had missed something critical, my first impression was "What???", then I ran across this article which made it worse. Thanks gentlemen.

It was written against 2000 because this audit was in 2006. Our customers do a full audit of us every 6 years usually, but they are behind schedule this year.
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