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Jeffrey Lo

Dear All,

I am a student in UK now working on a project about QS-9000. I am looking for various quality systems for automotive industry. Dose anyone know where can I find the information about other automotive quality standards around the world such as EAQF 94 in French and AVSQ in Italy? Could you please let me know if you have information? Thanks in advance!

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Jeffrey Lo

Dear Marc,
Thanks for you information. The reason why I am looking for these standards is they are mentioned in the standard of QS-9000. I can now find out the ANFIA, Italian quality requirements from the website you listed.

Manuel Lopez

I am a MSc student in the Univesity of Birmingham, so we are very close. And I am also doing a project related to QS 9000. I just sent to your email some web pages that I have used.
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If you find some good web pages, let us know here as well. If you type in the link the software here should translate it into a clickable link.
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