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Our products borrow DHF documents from a previous DHF for another product

Hi everyone,

I am new to DHF documentation. One of our products borrows DHF documents from a previous DHF for another product. How do I document this in the current DHF? Can I just copy the document over into the new DHF? I am new to this. I am not sure if I am on the right track.

I will appreciate any help.

Hi snoopy2017,
In a nutshell, you need to demonstrate ownership and control over every document in your DHF while following your DHF procedure.

You should review each document from the previous DHF and make changes where necessary before incorporating it into the new DHF.
It might be easier to create a new document with copy/paste from older document plus additions like new product name, new risks, new specs etc.

Hope it helps. I recommend you contact a consultant to assist you with the specifics.



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Using old documents always includes the risk of copy&paste errors. But of course everyone uses old documents and just updates them to fit the new product... Therefore, a good way to avoid mistakes is: 1. highlight all old texts in yellow or another color and 2. have two trained/experienced people/four eyes check the new documents...
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