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Hello again all!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am currently in the middle of making a few big changes to our 9100 system -- the company I work with (the sister company I've talked about in previous posts) is integrating some of their processes into the company I work for...specifically their purchasing/receiving and sales processes.

Those are major ones. To keep a long story short, the company I work for is giving me the authority to document these processes, however, I'm worried about a couple of things:

1- the biggest thing is that I want to keep the line from blurring between companies. They are still working on their AS certification and we have 9110...and we are two different entities, we're mostly just helping them out for a period of time to get some stuff off their plate...they don't do things the same way we do, but it will turn into the same way we do (if that makes sense), but I still don't want to have a "same company" vibe put out.

2- are these processes something that I need to start planning to make exclusions for? I've looked in the standard and their quality manual, but I can't find anything that names those processes outright as "must haves".

Any advice for how to go about this the cleanest way (even if it's a little difficult to begin with) would be wonderful.

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