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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Calculations



I am currently trying to calculate OEE for a 500kg/hr Spray Dryer. The BOD of design is 50%Feed solids. In the summer it gets very humid forcing us to run at a slower rate. A dessicant wheel is out of the question because of the cost therefore I need to find a way to factor in the RH effect since this will be my basis during the humid months.
Any suggestions

KLDLetts - 2012

I do not understand your question, but I will say that OEE is supposed to be calculated based off of the nameplate (or theoretical maximum) speed of the equipment. This would not change due to the weather. You would only see a decrease in your OEE during the humid months.

You may be able to use the decreased OEE as fodder to get the funding for a dessicant wheel.

Bev D

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agree with previous poster. OEE is actual vs ideal. humidity effects your actual not the ideal.

you can use humidity effect to predict the effect on the operation during certain months so you can plan for overtime or additional capacity - or as justification for that wheel...

AS Nur

To calcultae OEE you have to define Sign of capacity of your dryer, you can use design capacity as standard of sign off capacity.. So fluactuatif of Rh is only one challenge to reach your OEE


AS Nur
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