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Just got a query from the component repair production line. It seems the certifying staff thought they can define the overhaul condition for the parts by themsleves.

But my point of view is, no matter what processes involved in the maintenance (inspection, repair and checks) we should still stick to OEM's manual, the CMM for this case, for defining whether the overhaul standard could be met.
However, some OEM claimed that they would not have any "overhaul" defined for their products. In this situation, could the certifying staff state "overhauled" condition on EASA Form 1 when they carried out all the maintenance process stated in the CMM.

By referring to EASA Form 1 guideline, it stated “Means a process that ensures the item is in complete conformity with all the applicable service tolerances specified in the type certificate holder's, or equipment manufacturer's instructions for continued airworthiness, or in the data which is approved or accepted by the Authority. The item will be at least disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired as necessary, reassembled and tested in accordance with the above specified data.”

My understanding for “specified data” that should be the data stated in the OEM’s CMM for the overhaul standard, did I get that wrong?

I cannot even think of how the component without life-cycle control is required overhaul for it.

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The regulations cover what the definintion of Approved Maintenance data is within 145.A.45 (You dont mention what type of org your from so this is 145 that 'sounds right'?)

Your organisation must have a procedure covering the writing of Maintenance data and the approval sign off as well.

The Certifying staff should be referencing the CMM data as a minimum within the F1 - they cannot make this up as any repair maintenance activities completeted outside of the CMM or approved maintenance data would be calssified as an unapproved repair (Bogus parts) given they have not been handled correctly.
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