Own Procedure was not effectively implemented

Good day.

Can I ask input about this Nonconformity?

"Own Procedure was not effectively implemented"

Root Cause and Corrective Action please..

Thanks in advance.
You should ask further, why it was not implemented? You'll get to further cause, whether it was awareness / accessibility of the procedure problem. Then further root cause analysis can be done.

We can't suggest a root cause and corrective action directly without knowing the causes as mentioned above. Once you've analyzed primary causes, I can suggest further steps/actions.

Mike S.

An Early 'Cover'

That's like telling us you didn't make it to work on time today and asking us to give you a root cause and corrective action. What do we know? Nothing.

As Amit said, ask "why" as many times as it takes to get to a root cause, then go from there.

Sounds like you need some formal training in RCCA.

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