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P2, P3, P4 Necessity in regular VDA 6.3 Process Audits



Dear Members,
I have a query in 2 parts with reference to VDA 6.3 process audits;
1. should the sections P2,3 & 4 be audited each time? ( we have the system of auditing all our supplier year on year. the product remains the same. No ECN, etc)
2. we had an instance of a component whose procurement had stopped about 4 years ago and suddenly an order (very small quantity) was placed on the same supplier. in this situation do we have to audit from P2 to P7?
awaiting your posts.


hi Vishal,
I'd rather do the P2, P3 & P4 let's say on annual basis to make sure you're covered (and keep the 'paper tigers' happy - as our German Project Managers refer to us Quality people:D).
On a similar note, 4 years is a long time and companies tend to be a bit sloppy about small details so I'd do a quick refresher audit with this supplier on everything P2-P7. If they're all clear, the better. Both you and the supplier can use this to evidence compliance and capability.
hope this helps


Hi Lil,
just to make it clear: There is no requirement inside VDA 6.3 or by any German Car Manufacturer to do Process Audits in the Design Phase of a product, so the use of P2-P4 is not required.
Keep in mind, that only running processes can be audited by VDA 6.3, so if you have no new product project running at your supplier you cannot do the P2-P4 Audit. For the yearly surveillance Audits you take P5-P7, same is done by OEM.

When you have a new product project you can use P2-P4 to check the ongoing development process from project start to production and part approval. (PPAP or PPA VDA 2). Please refer to the German VDA manual: Maturity Level of new parts (MLA or RGA) if you have a project for German OEM, there it is described what you have to do with your suppliers at the project phase.

Process Audit VDA 6.3 is not a System Audit where you check general fullfillment of requirements but process capability and risks in the specific process, so just make some paper work isnt enough, and the real audit only can be done when there is a process for your products running. When you do it wrong, it might become to a deviation at your next customer audit.

And at least: Its allways your decision, if you make a Process Audit at your supplier at all, you have to define your supplier evaluation and development process in your QM System with categories and criterias, and there you define when you do Audits where.

I hope that doesnt confuse too much,


Hello Markus,
Many thanks for the reply. I am now clear on the requirements and necessities.
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