Packaging Changes & PPAP and Customer Notification

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Douglas E. Purdy

Just wanted confirmation on the subject of packaging and PPAP with the 3rd edition. It would appear that packaging can change without having to notify the customer (particularly in those cases where it is not customer supplied)as long as the changes comply with the protection and preservation requirements. Is this a correct understanding?

Howard Atkins

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The reference that I see to packaging is in Table I.3.1 -8 for bulk material, it is neccesary to inform of any change despite this table I3.3.- 7 says packaging design is not necessary to submit PPAP
There is no specific demand for packaging information in the submission requirements for non bulk material.
This is rather confusing.
Are you talking about a bulk material?

Douglas E. Purdy

No, that is why I wanted some confirmation. I am still trying to understand tables in 3rd PPAP. I like them, but on this issue it does not say much - from my perspective.
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