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[email protected] wrote:

--> Hi Mark! This is Violetta. I received 2 messages today
--> telling me that 2 more people have replied to my posting on
--> the board regarding ISO 9000 chat. When I go to the board I
--> see that there are seven responses, but when I go to see them
--> I only see 5 and I don't see the 2 new ones.
--> What am I doing wrong?
--> Please advise.
--> Thanks
--> Violetta


Browsers cache pages, or can be configured that way (which most are and do). Sometimes when you use the back button the cache does not update so you don't see new entries. There is, at the top of each page to the right, a small 'tree' listing you can click on to 'navigate' and at the bottom of each page there is a 'Hop To' drop-menu which, if you use them, should ensure update of the page in your browser. I just went to the site and can see 8 entries total in the thread: Your initial posting and 7 replies.

If that is not the problem I don't know what to tell you except that, as I said, they display properly in my browser (Netscape).
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Don Winton


Sometimes the same thing happens on my machine here using Navigator. If I hit the RELOAD button, that usually brings up the missing posts.


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