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Marc, I appreciate that you offer this within the forum. Very generous of you.

I am a Fulltime Consultant / Trainer who is also an accredited CB Auditor. That gives me a unique perspective on client's systems. When I work with a client, I want to help them understand and improve their systems, but I am also very aware of what a CB auditor will look for. This dual perspective gives me a unique insight. It ahs made me a better consultant, and also made me a better auditor.

I help clients implement systems from scratch, as do many consultants. But I also do a lot of work helping companies improve systems that are certified, but are not providing the results, the benefits and improvements, that companies expected. We also help companies deal with findings from their audits, to put better responses together, and improve their systems.

So many companies are struggling to improve their systems with limited resources. I find a little guidance from an experienced consultant can help them tremendously, to improve and streamline their systems, make things easier to do, simplify, get other managers to buy in better.

Most importantly, we help them achieve the performance they are seeking internally, and improve their customer satisfaction. That leads to new business and greater success. A few thousand dollars invested here can pay off in sizeable increases in profit and performance.

Most of my clients have excellent customer scorecards. Most of them are between 0-10 ppm, 99-100% delivery, and they are getting the results they were expecting.

We work in Quality (TS-16949, ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and am licensed or qualified in those standards. I have also worked in OHSAS 18001, and we help companies integrate these standards into a seamless business system.

If you need help, please look me up. I am all over, LinkedIn, and further resources are on my website at We guarantee results most cases, we guarantee it won't cost you anything...the results more than pay the fees...:applause:
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