Paint booth prints - Painters using them as ?ground cloth? after the job is shipped


michael busha

Paint booth prints - Painters using them as “ground cloth” after the job is shipped

Got a great one for you! Walking through the back of the plant near the paint booth, I found a fairly current stack of prints. All of them were correctly labeled with a stamped “Controlled Copy”. All of them were also approved, checked and dated. Wondering what they were doing in the corner of the paint booth, I asked around. Apparently the painters are using them for “ground cloth” after the intended job is shipped rather than disposing of the controlled copies. What do you think?

Laura M

Going back to previous post. Stamping them doesn't make them controlled. Does using them for drop cloths meet QSA 5.5 "Has the supplier established a process to ensure that invalid and/or obsolete documents are promptly removed from all point of use or otherwise assured against unintended use?"

If you're disposal/obsolesence process ensures this, then maybe OK?

Al Dyer

This one has been bugging me for some time now.

I guess I would need to see the structure and control methods for documentation. My gut feeling would be too really dig into the document control system to ensure its effectiveness.

It might be a personal issue, but if I encountered controlled prints used in such a manner, I would bring up the point of how is it ensured that somebody from another department didn't decide to take one of the drawings and use it in say, a final inspection process.

The endless process goes on!


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