Para 4.6.3c - What is meant by the last part; ...number and issue of...?




Element 4.6.3 says "purchasing documents shall contain data clearly decribing the product ordered including where applicable the title, number and issue of the quality system standard to be applied". What is meant by the last part; ...number and issue of ... ?

Sounds to me that we have to include a blurb about our quality system on our purchase reqs.

Any ideas about this?


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The blurb is actually about the QS you expect your parts to be manufactured under. For instance, in the medical device world, an order placed by a Customer in Europe would probably contain a requirement that the product being purchased be built, or subcontracted to an organization doing the building, maintain perhaps an ISO9001 and CE accreditation.

By referencing the different standards in the PO, the Customer can reasonably expect that required documentation and precautions have been taken during the manufacturing process.

I hope this helps.



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yup, me too....more on the point of issues, the DoD have manufacturing standards with issues that absolutely need to be referenced for instance.

If you don't knoew what we are talking about, then they probably don't apply to you.....
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