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Pareto Analysis - Six Sigma - 'Productivity Improvement' project



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Hi all,

Could you help me out with Pareto charting. Mine is a 'Productivity Improvement' project. I have listed the reasons for poor productivity, but I am stuck at the 'Define' phase, wherein I need to create a Pareto Chart. I have listed out the 'defects' or "reasons for less productivity" but I am not able to figure out how to give each defect/reason, a number or percentage. That is, what percentage is each defect of the total ?

I am attaching the details of the project, excel sheet 'Define-5-4-2014'. The 'defects/reasons' are under the 'reasons' tab.

Thank you.




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Well, this is a LEAN project not a "Six Sigma" project. that said you are startign OK with a reason list for long cycle. in your case I am assuming that productivity means how many reports are processed in a period of time....

the best - and really only - approach to filling out the pareto is to sit and watch several people do several of these reports o fvarying complexity. time the steps, note the number of defects and reworks and voila! you have your answer of which item contributes the most to long cycle time. You will also come up with more items that contribute to long cycle time than on your list.
Next identify which steps are non-value add, in other words do they do that doesnt' contribute directly to the goal fo their job. can you eliminate these steps?
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