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Pareto vote - Could someone explain the pareto vote process?

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Kevin Mader

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The Pareto Principle is the categorization tool to determine the vital few factors over the trivial many. In this application (voting), I am assuming the classification as Energy has stated. Yes of No. Perhaps 'Abstain' needs counting too. Basically, you will develop a multicolumn graphical presentation (a histogram) based on the number of bins you create.

David Mullins

Never heard of the pareto vote process.

If you want to know about pareto charts, the 80/20 rule, it's statistical origins etc, then please ask away.

If you want to know about voting processes that can be used in "quality" generally, then ask away.

From a decision point of view Pareto operates like Kev said. It tells you what the big chunks are that will give you the biggest bang if you fix 'em (problem solving application - it can be used in many ways, depending on what you're after).



From what I can gather the pareto vote has something to do with organizing the information from a brainstorm where participants vote for the ideas. The frequency of the votes results in a pareto diagram. My question is how are the votes cast

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Staff member
I see.

Typically, each member is given an abitrary number of votes (generally limited to three) where they can cast their vote for the best suggestion given during 'brainstorming' or for top causes during 'cause & effect'. The tally of votes determines the vital few over the trivial many and targets them for first action.


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