Part 145 Maintenance Station S/N ESN Character Requirements



Hello to all,

I am working with maintenance station (PART 145).

I would like to know if there is any specific number of characters for the ESN ?
It is 6 or it can less or more ?

And in the PO the serial number should be write as S/N HLAAC or only HLAAC is fine ?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi totti95

As a Part 145 you need to use the Serial Number of the dataplate and should also check with your customer if it is different on their order.

I don't believe there is a specific regulatory requirement for the length but the Caption S/N does not form part of the number. There is a heading on your Form 1 Serial Number/Batch No Block or it can be defined electronically. The regulatory authority that issued your Part 145 approval will have guidelines on completing a Form 1

I suggest you have a look at the this document that the ATA efforts for Electronic 8130-3 using Spec 2000 Chapter 16 XML


Thanks AEOS_QA ! very helpful.

So it not important if the S/N is right like that on the PO : HLAA413 without "S/N" in front of ?

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The Serial Number is important

It is entered on your Form 1 in Block 10 Serial Number
and needs to match the Dataplate
EASA Form 1 completion instructions state: If the item is required by regulations to be identified with a serial number, enter it here. Additionally, any other serial number not required by regulation may also be entered. If there is no serial number identified on the item,enter ‘N/A’.
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