Part submission warrant with every rev up of drawings

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to here and new to the entire PPAP process. I have the latest revision on the manual but i am still a little lost. What i want to know is whenever my company alters designs to parts and send the latest revision to supplier to amend their Processes. are they required to submit a PSW each time a new batch of samples are sent for testing? or as long as all minor or major changes to parts documented with reasons for changes over email chains, ISIR's etc are recorded within the PPAP documentation will 1 PSW only be required when looking at final PPAP approval?

thanks for any help you can give :)
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Warrant (and supporting documentation) is required for the PPAP submission - new batches of samples are NOT the same as a PPAP submission, and can be covered by any documentation that you (as the customer) deem appropriate or necessaary.
thank you for the response , an ISIR which accompanies the latest batch of samples for testing purposes would be sufficient as long as it stats that all required modifications to said parts we completed to latest specifications received. thank you again
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