Partial FAI - AS9102 - One single drawing has 10 part numbers


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Hello Everyone,

I would like to have one clarification. Suppose if one single drawing has 10 part numbers, after some time there is a change in the drawing revision due to one dimension change in one single part number. In this case if we do partial FAI only related to particular part number. (or) we need to do partial FAI all part numbers due to change of revision number in the drawing which has link - Configuration control with all part numbers.Please advice

Mike S.

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I'm no expert here, and I hate AS9102 as a standard, so I would probably ask my customer for their expectation, but if I couldn't do that for some reason I would do a partial for each, form 1 only, and list the reason as "drawing was revised but did not affect this p/n" for the 9 unaffected parts.


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Yes, the customer responsible for the specification should be notified and responsible for maintaining the revisions. If they ignore your request for clarification, or suggestion, I would use the date of receipt for the different drawings as a proxy.


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...if one single drawing has 10 part numbers, ...there is a change in the drawing one single part number.

I hate this answer, but it depends...

What does the PO\Cust T's & C's say? Are partial FAIR's allowed?

Partial FAIR's allow for just recognizing the change. That 'one dimension that changed' is the ONLY thing on form 3. :) 'Easy, peasy, nice and easy.'

Do the 10 part number have individual drawings? If so they all (should) have their own FAIR's. If the last FAIRs (for those part numbers) are up to date, they can be referenced on the partial FAIR with reference to those FAI report numbers on the form 2(1? I forget at the moment) where you list all the sub components.

Good Luck!

Let us know what you figure out!


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In the future - this is a point of clarification and pricing.

If you agree to the contract - you agree to full FAIR for every single part on that drawing and every single not - sorry!

Now - If I were you I would go back to the customer and request clarification.

Remember - FAIR per AS9102 is to approve your processes.
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