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PC Era will End in 18 Months


Captain Nice
Staff member
I could see this coming and when the iPad went ballistic I knew it. Smartphones, tablets and other app-enabled devices will overtake PC shipments in the next 18 months, an event that may signify the end of the PC-centric era, market research firm IDC said. IDC said worldwide shipments this year of app-enabled devices, which include smartphones and media tablets such as the iPad, will reach 284 million. In 2011, makers will ship 377 million of these devices, and in 2012, the number will reach 462 million shipments, exceeding PC shipments. In 2012, there will be 448 million PC shipments. One shipment equals one device. PC sales will continue to climb, but will no longer rule.


Captain Nice
Staff member
I still have stuff on 3.5" floppies (and Zip Disks) I need to copy.
I still have a few floppies. I transferred most to CDs some years back (like 99%), and then about a year ago I took all my CDs (and a lot of data DVDs) and copied them to a hard drive (and then destroyed the CDs like I did the floppies). I have data going back to 1987 or 1988. I do have a USB floppy drive.

If you have not needed the data since those formats were common, do you really need it?
I'm a data hoarder.

I can remember a fellow who emailed me with a "get rich quick" scheme (you have a growing web site and reputation and if you follow my plan...." type of thing, investment all on me, of course, it being his idea and all that {not to mention his idea sucked}) and he freaked out when I pulled up and copied him on an email from him to me from 1999 or there abouts and pointed out he contacted me about something similar back then.

Yup - I admit it. I'm a data hoarder. I even have a Mac with OS 9.2 on it so I can pull up some very old documents in obsolete programs. I rarely use it, but that's just me. I even have some text capture files from the old bulletin board days of the 1980's.

But - Data these days takes up so little physical space that I doubt I'll end up on that "Hoarders' TV show that I've heard about. The picture below is about 20 TB of drive space.


If broadband EVER gets any better the PC would probably go the way of the landline. Too much greed to make it truly affordable, accessible and least out here in the US western toolies. Maybe the UK has it right. http :// www. - OBSOLETE NEWS ARTICLE LINK UNLINKED

I keep my desktop PC pristine in original factory condition and original software except for critical updates, with all my hard drives save the one internal for programs, external and portable. My laptop however gets all the new stuff, the registry usually gets corrupted every six months or so from on the crap it gets from all the different software updates from all the programs...mac may be the answer but then again money is an issue.
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Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
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Some of us will remain in the dark ages. These tired old eyes do not want to do or read everything with a tiny screen. Moreover, I will cling to my copies of Windows software with cold, stiff fingers! :mad: I do not favor cloud computing, any more than I care to walk on an iced over river. I don't trust it - I'm pretty sure it won't support me at some point, metaphorically speaking, and there's always a story of someone who doesn't get supported (data is "lost" or the connection is disrupted).

I did poke at a Kindle at Staples the other day, though. I'm pretty sure I looked like a chimp with a cell phone.
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True Position

Multiply by 3 and I feel pretty safe.
That's different though, a raid array (assuming) makes your worst case 3 simultaneous failures of hard drives. Putting floppy disks / zip disks in a drawer somewhere and hoping they stay good for several years is quite another.

For a small/medium amount of really important data I use encrypted files sent to my gmail account. That's enough for scans of important documents and a keepass database with all your logins/passwords/account information still leaving several gbs for your pictures/videos.
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