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PC Era will End in 18 Months


tamanon - 2011

mm I dont know it could be new things like I pads but PC are still necesary for a work office for example.

Ka Pilo

IMO, it's NOT a big deal if PC era will end in 18 months. There are new technologies that could be used.

Necessity if the mother (or father) of invention.


I did not realize just how bad shape I am it with electronics stuff. I still have one filing cabinet left in my office. Does anyone here remember those? :eek:


Captain Nice
Staff member
I have a filing cabinet here and I have a lot of paper. Tioo much to want to scan it all in (time consuming).

I think the point of the thread title is electronics are becoming so small that the PC as we know it will go away. Not quickly - Heck, I still have a computer with Windows XP on it and it will probably be around for at least a few more years.

I haven't gotten an iPad yet, but having just recently gotten an iPhone 4 I am amazed at what I can do with it.

I may end up with another iMac by years end, there's no way I can do what I do on an iPad at this point in time. But - It won't be long and just about everything I can do on my iMac I'll be able to do on an iPad (or other brand of tablet-touch screen "device").


The issue with smaller equipment is that it is great for the consumption but not great for creation. In many ways I see the iPad as a near perfect media consumption device for the needs of our time. If you want to read a book, visit a website, or listen to music then small devices are great.

However, I don't see the majority of authors creating books on a tablet, web site designers may make the occasional update from the road but they will not write serious code, and musicians will not give up specialized equipment. In fact most applications made for tablet computers are designed and made on full size computers and transferred to the tablet. I don't mean to be limiting, I know of some great things created on small devices but right now the tools for creation are not well developed on this platform.


Some of us will remain in the dark ages. These tired old eyes do not want to do or read everything with a tiny screen.
I'm with ya Jennifer... The eyes aren't that tired yet, but the smaller the screen and text, the less likely I am to buy one. I know I will eventually need glasses to read the fine print, but when working (or playing), give me a nice 23" wide-screen monitor (or larger) and a desktop computer. The only reasons I upgrade is to get bigger, better or faster systems, not smaller! I don't have an iPhone or iPad yet either, but the iPhone is tempting. I also prefer good old hardcopy books to the new digital ones.


Yeah, my fiance is trying to move me from my desktop to a laptop, and I'm fighting that. As was mentioned previously, I cannot imagine trying to arrange a music score on those small screens on those pads, especially after having been spoiled with a big monitor all these years. She did get me into an iPhone a couple years ago. While I'm hooked on the feature-laden little contraption, it is a very small screen.

I, personally, don't see any use for a pad-type device. Not for me.

But then, I still prefer to read real books, too.
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