Peoples Attitudes, Depression, Roadkill Recipes and Other Thoughts


Al Dyer



Can you read the differences in my posts, the Zoloft is kicking in!

True but with tounge in cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!:smokin:


Added by Marc on 22 March 2002

Folks, as a prelude to this thread, you should know it's one of the longest, weirdest in the forums. From Roadkill Recipes to Al and his Zoloft, this thread shows that many of the people who visit here regularly are human (read Nuts).

In short, read this thread with extreme CAUTION!
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Al Dyer

I apologize for making you uncomfortable and no you don't have to do a search. Zoloft is an Anti-depressent. Does it make me feel better? Most times but not all.

To all others, just remember, it can happen to you!

Good will to all!


Fully vaccinated are you?
You didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Just not familiar with the drug. I know depression - it's not fun. I tried anti-depressants years ago. They depressed me more! That was back in the early 1970's. Mellaril or something like that. As I remember I tried Lithium in the late 1970's - it didn't do a thing. I just learned to live with the ups and downs. You really only have 2 choices: kill yourself or go on living.

Haven't tried Prozac but I have a cousin who swears by it - he's been on it for some years now.

When I get 'out of sorts' my doc gives me a Valium scrip. Valium 'cools me out'. I don't have manic phases so that's never an issue. But saying that, the scrip I got last month is the first I've had since the late 1980's. I'd about forgotten what the effects were. They're pretty much what I remembered. Basically they make me tired and relaxed.


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I had some problem with PTSD a few years back (not from military stuff, but from cop related stuff). After counciling sessions, and suggested pharmaceutical(drugs) and all that other stuff I decided to do some things (don't get miffed at me please).

1. I started spending more time in service to my church and faith.

2. I started to focus more on family

3. I made friends with my nightmares

4. I laugh at everything to the point of being considered nuts by some (Remember - If it ain't big enough to eat ya - pee on it!);)


I missed this one!

Boy, somehow I skipped over this thread. We all have our dragons to overcome. What ever floats your boat and still keeps you functional. For me, it's a combination of fishing, a couple of brews and a big fat happy stick! That's a type of fishing pole! Yea right! I'm good to go for the week! ko: :smokin::
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Jim Biz

For our family - a long trailride in a very quiet setting (every chance we get) - is a cure for many stressors... It does have a way of changing your outlook anyway..

energy - I know alot of folks do the fishing thing & think it's great threapy ... sad part is it takes two hands to operate a fishin pole... We can ride horses with one hand & administer appropriate amounts of that "sudzy liquid stuff" at the same time - :biglaugh: - works real well cause the horses always know the way back to camp.... :bigwave:
Hey All,

Jim Biz -- haven't you heard the old adage:
Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.
Teach a man to fish and he'll sit around
and drink beer all day.

My best stress reducer is working on my property or in my shop. Give me my tools and a place to play with them.

Keep swingin, :cool: :biglaugh: :cool:

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