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Performance Measurement ISO 9001: 2015

How do I determine performance measurement basis within my organization? How do I go about monitoring, measuring and keeping records of our performance in those areas?


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The performance measurement surely depends on your company and its activities ! Paragraph 9.1 of ISO9001:2015 is all about performance measurement.

A small interesting read: here

Maybe your indicators for your process can be monitored to show the performance ? Need advice from more competent helpers from this forum

tony s

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Performance is defined by ISO 9000:2015 as "measurable result". It can be quantitative (e.g. acceptance rate, production yield, PPM, Ppk, etc.) or qualitative (e.g. results of employee performance appraisal, results of audit, test results, surveys, etc.). There are various areas where "measurable results" are necessary to be measured/monitored. Performance can be measured/monitored/analyzed/evaluated on processes, products, services, systems, organizations, etc. Aim your organization's attention on those that bring value to your organization.
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