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Performing a MSA as it relates to Calibration

Hi everyone,
I'd like to perform a MSA that is related to calibration. Here is what I have:
1. I have 2 standards that measure light intensity in watts
2. I have 1 machine that generates that light intensity in watts (this is what we calibrate in the field)
3. Calibration technicians perform the calibration
4. Calibration points are 0.5 watts, 1.0 watts, and 2.2 watts
5. The calibration tolerance is ?0.1 watt

Based on the information above, how would I start to collect the data for a MSA?
Do I record data for both standards or is each standard evaluated separately?
Do I sample inside and outside the specification (i.e. 3 inside the spec and 2 outside the spec)?
Do I record data twice at a minimum?
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