Perishable vs. Consumable Tooling (4.9.g.1) - What are the differences?

Stuart Andrews

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Can someone explain the difference between Perishable and Consumable Tooling (4.9.g.1).

We use tooling for forging, which over a short period of time wears. We have classed this as consumable tooling because we use so much of it.

But how does this type of tool differ from Perishable Tooling?

Can anybody shed some light on this subject. Please :)

Steven Truchon

At our plant, perishable tooling are items such as drill, taps, end mills, inserts, etc.
I dont know if that is what QS means but its what it means here.
Hope that helps


Just an educated guess but...

Perishable Tooling:
Tools such as drills, mills, taps etc. These are designed to be used, sharpened and used again until they are worn out.

Consumable Tooling:
Items intended to be used once and discarded. Grit used in a waterjet, or wire for a wire edm. are examples. Also such items as welding rods welding wire and various welding and laser cutting gasses would fall into this catagory.

Hope this helps.

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