Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP) - Compliance


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Just wanted to get a feel for how everyone is handling persistent organic pollutants (POPs). For RoHS and REACH, it seems most companies get statements from their suppliers and then release another statement saying that they are in compliance based on supplier data. Can the same process be used for showing compliance with POPs?

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My answer would be yes unless your company is raw material manufacturer or chemically modifies the incoming raw materials.

REACh and RoHS declarations about the substances in the product you sell and not about the substances that are released during the manufacturing process.

I also think that relying solely on a paper declaration from your suppliers comes with risk that you will have to assess.


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So, as a continuation of this, have you found suppliers to be forthcoming in POP declarations? From my (v. limited) experience, suppliers are starting to come around to making sure their parts are RoHS/REACH compliant. Now, we will have to tell them to also do a POP statement as well!
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