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Marc, or anybody who can help,

My CP page shows 15 messages in my folders. Someone tried to send a private message and it showed my inbox full or unable to receive new messages. I checked and there were only two messages in my inbox. Is there a way to delete the folders? Are the two, folders and inbox messages, related? Thank you in advance.

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Fully vaccinated are you?
> I checked and there were only two messages in my inbox. Is
> there a way to delete the folders? Are the two, folders
> and inbox messages, related?

There are 2 main 'folders'. In-box and Outbox (in the PM center look for the 'toggle' link labeled "Jump to folder:" (NOT the one labeled "Forum Jump:") It may be you have too many messages on your 'outbox'.

There is another 'option' in this "Jump to folder:" listing - it is 'message tracking'. I haven't really figured this one out yet. I don't yet fully understand that and the 'read receipt' aspect of the software. I mean, I get the gist of it but really haven't used it. When ever I get a PM I delete it after I read it. It may be that the 'read receipt' allows you to track when someone has received and read your message which would trigger you to delete it. This is somewhat different than regular internet e-mail. But thinking a bit more - I think it may be related to whether you choose to 'Keep a Copy' of sent mail. I think if you do this a copy goes to your 'Outbox'. I've never kept a copy of any PMs I've sent so I'm not sure - but my 'Out Box' is always empty.

I have never requested a 'read' receipt in any PMs I have sent - so I can't say I've ever seen a 'read receipt' but I have noticed most people request one from me when they send me a 'PM'. I guess it's set so if you PM someone and ask for a 'read receipt' it appears in your 'message tracking' thingy there with the InBox and OutBox.

There are settings on so many things here such as how many personal messages one may 'keep', how long they can be (character limit), etc., that starting out I'm not always sure what will be appropriate here. I first put the limit at 15 but then, after talking to some other vBulletin forum admins, reduced it to 10 as the maximum personal messages anyone may keep. This may have 'trapped you'. You may have had 14 PMs when I changed the settings back to 10. I just 'upped' the limit to 15 again. See if this makes any difference (and check your 'outbox'). Also take a look at the 'message tracking'.

Many of you probably know from 'work' that most systems only allow a certain amount of disk space or number of messages before it starts refusing to let you post and/or receive e-mail. This is because many people tend to let messages accumulate and the next thing you know you're eating up all the disk space. If you really want to save a message for some reason after you have read it, save it to your hard disk and delete the one here. If it wasn't for the disk space issue, I wouldn't care if everyone kept 10,000 messages in their folders. I was doing some work for Ford a few years ago and when I left no one turned off my e-mail. In my 'profile' with Ford, I had a 'forward a copy of all incoming mail to:' option set to relay (forward) e-mails to my office e-mail (here at After about 3 or 4 months I started getting e-mails about my mailbox being full and threatening to cut me off, so to speak, in addition to the regular 'traffic'. This went on for over a year before I could get them to turn the account off.

And before you ask - NO. Even though I am the 'system administrator' the software will NOT allow me (or anyone else - such as forum moderators) to see anyone's private message(s). I CAN see how many you have, but not the contents or who you sent them to or who you've received messages from. Yes - the messages really are private. If I (or the FBI or whoever) really wantd to I'm sure it could be done, but not through the software or anything I am capable of. I'd need to hire (or the FBI would have to end in) a pretty expensive specialist to come in and do whatever s/he does to dig that information out of the database.

I enabled private messaging because I figured some folks would like to be able to use it - but (this is not directed at energy, just a comment) you reach a point where you have to delete some (or all) personal messages. Nor is personal messaging here meant to replace 'regular' e-mail.

energy, give me the word and I'll delete ALL your current saved personal messages which should streighten things out for you if the problem is not solved. This I can do through the administration control panel.

So that I know what's going on, please let me know what happens.


You da man!

Thanks Marc,

That's what it was. Jumped to "Sent", deleted those and I'm clean. When you think about, we do the same at work. Delete received items after their use has expired. Delete sent items after we're sure our behinds are covered. So remember to clean up your messages, fellow members, or you give the impression that you're more popular that you really are. :p


Fully vaccinated are you?
Yeah - all this is still confusing me. I really wish they had a pdf file you could download or something that really explains how to use all these features to the users (not to mention we who are supposed to administrate the system). The FAQ that comes with this software tells you almost nothing. That's one thing I noticed as I checked out software --- none of the 'Forums' software I looked at had decent documetation. Not a one. Anyway....


As an FYI.....

I received an e-mail telling me I had a 'Personal Message' waiting. I went to get it, and there was nothing there....

I noticed that in addition to the "Jump to folder:" issue discussed in this thread, there is also a "Show Messages From:" 'option' just to the left of it. Just like in the forums where you can ask to see posts from the last day, 2 days, week, .... show all posts -- Your PM (Personal Message) 'area' hs the same option. Well, the message sent was from yesterday or something. I had to ask to see messages from the last 2 days or something to see the message.

The system appears to be working OK - it's just a bit confusing. Or.... Maybe I'm just getting old. (Old dog - new tricks -- and all that stuff) My poor, old telemeres aren't what they used to be. It appears they're wearing out. Or maybe it was that weekend we spent at Red River Gorge back in 1969 when we all... OH! Excuse me.... There I go... Thinking out loud again! Never mind!
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