Personalised Food Packaging



Hii all,
Look at this cool food product packaging


Can I do the similar packaging with paper packaging material?


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Re: Personalised packaging

what bit do you want to make with paper?
  • The main feature of the box is that it is transparent, this cannot be replicated with paper
  • The food appears to be ground coffee, coffee should probably be stored in an airtight container unless it is intended for short term storage, paper can't do this unless you coat the inside, even then the opening is going to be a challenge.
  • the lid appears to be plastic, it could not provide an adequate seal in paper
  • the label affixed to the can could be paper
  • the booklet is already made from paper
  • the string can probably be made from paper
your question is too broad to give a clear answer


I just thought to get that model for packing. And it is not for coffee packaging, it is for bread packaging.
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