Personnel responsible for Quality stopping production and TS 16949 Clause



Production line stops due to ????

Production line stopages at Ford are dealt with a mixture of old school thinking and reaction (Give me the numbers :mad: ) and new school thinking and reaction (Lets get it right first time :rolleyes: ).

I would say that stoping a production would be justified if there was ample evidence provided by either the process operator or a management / Engineering rep that Safety, Quality, Environment, Delivery and Cost issues were acting upon the proceses taking place in a manner that would cause an overall repair or scrap rate.
Whether you are old school or new school, there's one thing that impacts the outcome of production processes and that's cost.
At Ford we use the FPS (Ford production system) processes in a way that empowers the process operator to make the decision to stop line production in their specific zone if there are issue relating to the FPS measurables of SQDCME (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale Environment). Do the process owners get #### for stopping the line? From the old school guys for sure because they were bon into and trained to be professional firefighters. The new school guys OTOH view a process as being part of the whole (For the best part) and appreciate the involvement of the process owner, if the stopage is for genuine SQDCME evidence. Small workgroups are a major part of this FPS initiative.
Attached is a zip file of a Jpeg image relating to The SQDCME measurables.


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