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Couple of questions related to PFMEA

Q1. What needs to be entered in the Classification (Class) column in a PFMEA i.e. a number, value, description or symbol?
Q2. Where should the Class column sit in the PFMEA, does it sit next to the severity column ?
Q2. If a number, value, description or symbol is added in the Class column, does that mean regardless of the RPN score, is should still be deemed as a high risk ?



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The Class column is used to identify Critical and Significant characteristics. It sits next to the Severity column. If the Severity is a 9 or 10, it usually means that it is a Critical Characteristic. If the Criticality score (S x O) is high, then it may be a Significant Characteristic.


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This is the layout from an old APQP template.

PFMEA - Classification
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