PFMEA - Minor Non-Conformance for field left blank


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Pedantics - as this N/C is raised against a Process FMEA, then the auditor has not accurately defined the N/C. The page that he refers to (61) relates to Design FMEAs. The correct page should have been written as 107.
Which book? If I understand correctly, the organization isn’t using the AIAG 4th edition blue book for their pfmea.


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You do understand correctly, but as I pointed out, the auditor has written the N/C incorrectly.
Yes, but its not the incorrect page of the book which is being cite. The auditor has no rights quoting a book in the first place! The OP isn’t using or required to use, the Blue Book!


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We are ISO and had a similar situation where spaces we blank on 1 design checklist. Another 10 were sampled and N/A was entered instead of leaving blank. I chose to "take it on the chin". Our C/A was simply having a 2nd person verify checklists are complete prior to filing. It should be noted that the checkist with blanks was signed off and approved bt the customer. Sometimes it just easier to move on.


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Interesting discussion~ This recalled me why I determined to learn ISO requirements many years ago. As a junior manger at that time, I received a major NC for a blank cell in a RMA request form. I didn't take it on the chin and was escalated to management review meeting. It is still hard to make such issues go away because many auditors still stayed in 90s'.
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