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PFMEA Potential Failure Mode for Weight

At column Potential Failure Molde we only consider Failure of quality or all (ex: include delivery in time, not enough material weight) ?
EX: at Material Incoming process we need consider failure mode is not enough material weight or not?


Captain Nice
Staff member
I believe there is a language issue. Are you asking if a process FMEA should address receiving inspection of raw materials?
I want to ask at process Material Incoming
Potential Failure mode is "Delivery not in time" it is OK or not?
I mean at potential failure mode we only consider quality failure or all failure (ex: Delivery not in time (not related quality problem))


Captain Nice
Staff member
Delivery "not in time" has long been a potential failure mode, and is often very critical for many reasons. Just consider the JIT (just in time) "system". I have seen entire lines go down because of a failure to get parts, or to get a lot of bad parts.

Delivery time is part of quality whether you realize it or not.


Not out of the crisis
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Super Moderator
Kind of depends on how you frame your PFMEA.... if it's strictly risk of product failure then it probably doesn't need to be on there.

If you are looking at risk of failure in the overall process (which can impact delivery to customers) then it should.
A good PFMEA addresses ANY issue which can impact the customer, including delivery issues, quality issues, etc.

Basically, anything you do to make the part and ship it to your customer should be on the PFMEA. If you ship to your customer, be sure you know and understand who is responsible for the parts from the time they leave YOUR dock until the time they arrive at the customers facility. Although most plants ship 'FOB our dock' or 'ex works' this is not always the case, and if not, then you need to consider possible failures in the transportation chain as well.

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